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Coins For Change Results 2010

Hey Guys!

Well Club Penguin Have Counted The Results And With The Coins You Donated The Total Is An Outstanding 12,261,193,800 Coins! With The Amount Of Coins There You Could

  • Make 2,452,238,760 Pizza’s In Pizzatron
  • Spend 2,919,332 Years Working As A Epf Agent
  • You Could Buy 15,326,492 Puffles
  • You Could Take 490,477,752 Pearls From Clams In Aqua Grabber
  • You Could Buy Every Single Item Of Clothing Ever Released 16,613 Times

$340,000 Of The Money Will Go To Providing Medical Help

$360,000 Of The Money Will Go To Protecting The Earth

$300,000 Of The Money Will Go To Building Safe Places

Spike Man8 Signing Out

~Spike Man8~

Club Penguin Times Issue #272

Hey Guys!

There’s Another Weekly Newspaper Issue #272. Which Mainly talk’s about firework’s and the igloo contest winners!

16 Igloo Winner’s Have Been Announced,Could You Be One Of Them?

Here’s 1 Of The 16 Igloo Winner’s!

There Are Quite A Few Updates For The Upcoming 2 Weeks!

I Can’t Wait For The Penguin Style!

Comment On Which You Can’t Wait For!

Spike Man8 Signing Out!

~Spike Man8~

Hey Guys Im Back!

Hey Guys!

Im Back!

Im Here Like i was before to blog and play with friends and go on club penguin! 

Spike Man8 Signing Out!

~Spike Man8~

What’s Coming Up

Hello Penguins!

March is quickly coming to a close, but there’s still a lot left to do before it’s over! The Penguin Play Awards are still going strong, and this week we’ll find out what the top play of 2009 was. Make sure to cast your vote while the booths are still open!

When the awards show wraps up, April will be just around the corner. And for many of you who were around last year, you know what THAT means…


That’s right… April first means the April Fools Party is here! This is one of the island’s wackiest celebrations, so make sure not to miss all the silly sights and decorations.

The team was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to prepare for April Fool-ness, or if you have a favorite joke you like to play. If so, let us know in the comments!

                                                                                        ~Spike Man8~

Reviewed By You!

Hello Penguins. Screenhog here again.

We’ve been hearing reports that the green puffle’s missing from the Night Club. Have you seen it?

You know, the Night Club is one of those places where there’s often a lot happening. And recently there have been some upgrades that make it even more interesting. You might have noticed that when there’s more than 10 of you in the room, the lights change. But did you know that if the majority of you (at least 10) are the same penguin color then even more cool things start to happen?

color.jpgSo the next time you’re there, try to get penguins in the Night Club to all turn the same penguin color. Also, if you and your friends have time, see if you can find out what’s going on with that missing puffle…

In Other News – Lots of you voted a few weeks ago on a penguin to be carved from ice for the Carnaval de Quebec. As you know, The Rocker penguin won! And here’s what it looked like…

ice+sculpture.jpgUntil then…Waddle on!
                                                          ~Spike Man8~


Hi bob6427 here just to let you know im quiting cp so bye!

Underground Update!

Hello Penguins!

Looks like there are lots of you with your jackhammers helping down in the Mine. Some of you are saying that’s where you think Rockhopper’s missing puffle Yarr is. There’s also some talk that other puffles aren’t where they normally are. Where do you think they went?


There’s going to be more underground exploration happening near the end of the week. All of this stuff just might be connected to that new game we told you about… Make sure you keep your eyes on what’s happening down there!! 
Until then…Waddle on!

 -Club Penguin Team